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Croc's Condos Overview
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(Any qualified Condo Buyers may potentially win a trip — then upon purchasing a Condo at Croc’s during your visit, you will receive a $1,000 discount to help cover your trip.)

Come and check out the amazing town of Jaco, Costa Rica and the spectacular Croc’s Casino Resort.

If you buy a condo while visiting Croc’s Casino Resort we cover your stay expenses.

  • You will be staying in one Ocean Front Condo in a beautiful complex in Jaco Beach, for 4 people.
  • You will tour Croc’s Casino Resort at our Sales Center and we will show you all of the reasons why to become an owner
  • Also, you will receive a $1000 discount to cover travel expenses, when you purchase a Condo.
  • If you don’t purchase a condo with us the rate for your stay is $500.

Enter your complete information and we will contact you to arrange your stay.

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